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Our crews are experienced with garage door replacement

High quality service that is delivered by some of the most experienced technicians available.We provide tips in order to help you deal with issues and avoid accidents. We stress out the importance of having good opener systems and functional sensors. Check out why!

Testing the reverse mechanism

The garage door opener plays an important role. If something is stuck on the door while closing, it will immediately go up to prevent accidents from happening. To test if it functions well, place any material while closing the door. If it goes up, then it is working well. If not, then it needs repair.

Reverse mechanism has to be fully functional

When the reverse mechanism doesn’t function well, repair is necessary. As suggested by Gold Canyon experts, this part controls the garage door when something obstructs it. For instance, your child accidentally enters the door while it closes. With the help of the reverse mechanism, it will immediately go up and prevent injuries from happening.

Enlarging the remote range

Research by our specialists shows that with time or poor programming, the range for the remote control can be extremely low. Normally you will need to correct the radio frequency in order to avoid interference. Remove third party electrical devices that can radiate interference from a distance. That is why it is important to plan installations.

Garage door troubleshooting

Our technicians check the motor and power supply to make sure everything is functional. Cables are inspected as well. The sensors must be checked to see if they are properly aligned. If the lights are blinking then it indicates that they are working properly. Springs and other parts are checked and if replacement is needed, it is carefully performed by us.

Clear the tracks

Make sure that the tracks on each side of your garage door are free from any debris so that the door can always move freely without any obstructions. A level can help to check the plumb, but any major adjustments to the tracks should be done by a professional garage door technician.

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