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Garage Door Maintenance

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Garage Door MaintenanceInspecting the Hardware Parts

When maintaining your garage door, our work begins with checking the components for damage and wearing. We inspect the cables for fraying and cuts, the rollers for worn wheels and twisted stems and the hinges and tracks for bending. Count on us to check the opener’s rail for bowing and the drive for damage and dirt. Rest assured that we will eliminate any problem quickly. Our garage door maintenance services include preventive repair and component replacement.

Lubrication for Smooth Door Performance

After ensuring that all of the hardware pieces are intact, we’ll lubricate the ones exposed to friction. Torsion springs, all-metal rollers and hinges need lubrication. The same is true for the sections of the cables at the bottom bracket buttons. Count on us to lubricate opener components and more specifically the places where friction is created between the rail and the trolley and the drive, if it is made from metal. We use a specially formulated lubricant for the job. Don't wait any longer to give your garage door the best maintenance service out there. Call Garage Door Repair Gold Canyon now!

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