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We can make your life safer and easier by providing excellent, short answers to all your garage door repair questions

What is the alert in opener systems?

The alert system will pop up in the screen of your tablet or smartphone notifying you about the status of the garage door. If the garage door suddenly opens while you are in the office, it will let you know. The system will also notify you if the lights come off or on.

Why must I replace the bottom seal often?

The condition of weather seals must be perfect to avoid air drafts coming in the garage. Though, the experts of our company in Gold Canyon insist on the importance of replacing the bottom seal. This means that if it's worn, it will leave a small gap, which will facilitate the entrance of thieves, insects and elements.

What's the purpose of getting safety glass?

Whether you are interested in installing glass garage doors or windows, it's wise to invest in safety glass panels. These glass types have the property of keeping the glass in one place if it's broken. Therefore, you can avoid injuries and collecting glass pieces from the floor. It's a safe way to be protected.

What should I do about cracks in my wood door?

If the cracks are small and narrow, you can use wood filler to fix them. Remember to add coating or paint on top. If the cracks are big and deep, our professionals in garage door repair Gold Canyon recommend that you consider replacement of the damaged panel or panels.

How do I know the reverse mechanism works?

Test it. Put a small object under the door and press the clicker to close it down. See if the door stops and reverses. With some openers, downward movement won't even start. The door should reverse even if it comes in contact with the object or you will need immediate garage door repairs.

Which springs are best for me?

Springs are designed to fit the needs of different garage door systems. The weight and overall size of the door will actually determine which spring is the most suitable one. It will also determine whether you will need torsion or extension garage door springs. In some cases, our experts also install two torsion springs.

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