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How You Can Be Helpful

11/28/2014 Back To Blog

Before you ask what garage doors can do for you, you'd better ask what you can do for them! This relation is based on reciprocal actions. Your overhead door has a heart of steel and doesn't need affection but solely good repairs and maintenance. Are you willing to take this path? Don't forget that these large mechanisms come with great responsibilities. If you don't care about your own head, think of the head of your daughter. Some things are not optional in life. When you choose to install a garage door, you must know that good treatment is unavoidable.

Good garage door inspections would suffice

How You Can Be HelpfulIt's never a good idea to mess with garage door repairs. The more complex the problem, the harder the solution! Some components would need special equipment and, obviously, special knowledge. Most repairs would need great attention because parts are never innocent – don't let their small size fool you. Have you seen bolts popping off during extreme temperatures and when they're under pressure? It's creepy just thinking about it. The problem is that such problems exist when the right repairs don't take place at once.

When it comes to your responsibilities, your tasks are simple but very effective. The simplest thing, as visual inspection, can make a great difference because you might see a defective component and decide what to do about it. Your tasks might be limited to simply checking the system, but still don't forget to wear safety glasses and disconnect the garage door opener. If you are going to run your fingers along the cables and the tracks to check them, it's good to wear gloves. So, these are the basic things you can do:

* Check the reverse system by placing something small under the closing door
* See if fasteners are missing or need tightening
* Disconnect the opener, open the door and check if it remains in the same position. If not, garage door springs need adjustment
* If the door is noisy, lubrication will be needed
* Make sure the weather seals are in good condition
* Check the rollers and the tracks
* Make sure the cables are not loose and are wrapped around the drum

These are simple inspections but they will give you a good idea of the condition of the door. Some tasks, like lubrication maintenance, might be easy but if you need spring adjustment you'd better avoid doing it by yourself.

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