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How Well Do You Know Your Garage Door Material

01/02/2014 Back To Blog

Every home in Gold Canyon has tens of different appliances and mechanisms, but human brains cannot absorb all technical details necessary for their operation. Of course, you don't have to graduate from college to maintain your garage doors since you can keep the openers as well as the whole mechanism in good shape with simple movements. Besides, if you need any assistance or advices in Arizona, you have many options including consulting the experts from garage door repair Gold Canyon.

Cleaning is time consuming

Your vacuum cleaner may have effective results at home, but dirt and dust on garage door parts need to be removed carefully, so that the operation of the door will not be affected. It is significant to remember wearing gloves and protect your face because garage door springs may snap suddenly and hurt you seriously. It's also good to avoid putting pressure on the components or make abrupt movements when you are cleaning or repairing them.

You should use a slightly wet sponge to clean most parts and remove the dirt and elements from the garage door track while you should be extra careful with the electric parts. If there are remains of lubricants mixed with dust, cleaning could be harder.

Inspect your door often

  •     Don't let screws or the garage door hinge hanging loose or rusty. You will only need to use the screwdriver for a few minutes.
  •     Don't get stingy and buy a good lubricant; preferably the one recommended by the manufacturer. Most of them come out in sprays and they are easy to use.
  •     You should check frequently the good operation of the opener with the safety sensors. You must never underestimate this procedure because it might save your life in case your door adopts a strange behavior.
  •     You must replace the worn bottom seal because it will keep the door sealed, maintain your garage clean and decrease the consumption of energy.
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